10 Tips on Cutting your Own Christmas Tree

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is a fun family tradition and enhances the Christmas spirit.  It may seem as a simple task and just a part of a holiday season, but there is a lot more to having a real Christmas Tree than you may originally think.

Having a real tree vs. artificial one helps the environment and supports your own community. In the US, there are over 15,000 Christmas tree farms – and when cutting down a real tree on the farm, you are supporting many small businesses and employees. You are also saving the landfills from a lot of artificial tree waste.

  1. Plan a day trip – it requires some planning.  You want your tree to last so don’t plan your trip until at least late November – that will assure your tree lasts till after Christmas.
  2. Know the size – Before you set out on the trip to the farm, measure your room heigh and make sure you select the right tree.  You may also opt in for a slim one, if you do not have a lot of space.
  3. Dress warmNot only the kids but yourself as well.  Remember about gloves and hats.  Thick gloves will also come in handy when you are cutting down the tree. Don’t forget the camera!
  4. Pick the right one – take your time and make sure your tree is the right kind and size for your home. Walk around it and see it from all sides. Make sure your tree if fresh.  Any signs of falling needles or dry branches may be a good warning that the tree is not healthy or already dry.
  5. Important Cut – Cut your tree low and use a lightweight saw.  A farm will provide it for you.
  6. Transportbe careful while transporting your tree and also protect your car with a blanket or  a drop-cloth. Avoid breaking branches.
  7. Watering – Get the tree in water as soon as possible.  During the season, make sure that there is water on the bottom of the pan.  Your tree will stay fresh longer and last the entire season.
  8. Heat – try to turn down the heat when you are not at home.  Your tree will last longer.
  9. Real Pine – the best part about your real tree is the wonderful and natural fragrance!  Enjoy it during the Holiday season.
  10. Disposal – when the time comes, take down your tree before it becomes too dry, as the needles have a tendency to fall off a lot easier.

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