Elevated Tree Care, LLC is a family owned and operated business of tree care professional providing the highest quality tree services throughout Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Our detailed work helps add value to your property by improving its appearance, removing hazards and prolonging tree and shrub longevity.

Tree trimming/ Pruning

  • Crown Clean/ deadwood removal- remove all deadwood in canopy up to a certain size, such as ½ inch and larger, 1 inch and larger, 2 inches and larger.
    • Remove any broken and clean up stubs for a proper cut on the collar.
  • Ornamental Fine Prune- For trees up to 25 ft. Bring in long ends to help shape, remove crossing and interfering, prune for structure, remove deadwood, and raise tree skirt to a specific height.
  • Weight Reduction Prune- Reduce weight on tip ends by 25% to help reduce breakage. This helps to promote upright growth, remove deadwood, remove crossing and interfering, clear from surrounding structures and raise tree skirt to a specific height.

Tree removal

From “cut and chuck” to felling to technical rigging removals, Elevated Tree Care will do what is needed to get the tree down safely and efficiently.

Tree needs to be cut down because it is dead, sick, unsafe, damaged by a storm, or interfering with property use. We use ropes and pulleys to carefully lower large limbs near houses to the ground slowly, with ground crew to support our climbers.

You can be assured that your property is in the  hands of true professionals! 



Natural prune- using hand pruners cut back to the next upright to help contain the shape. Usually deciduous shrubs so they still appear natural.


Shearing trims the shrub to a very fine shape. Usually looks more man made and also requires annual maintenance once sheared. Junipers and juniper uprights are popular shrubs and hedges that people like sheared.


  • Rejuvenation- cut approximately 18 inches off the ground so it can grow back stronger the following season.
  • Grub out/Removal- cut down to a stump then dig out the stump so something else can be planted.

Cabling and bracing

Sometimes trees become weak and can’t support themselves so a cable is installed so other parts of the tree help distribute and support the weight. Cables come in all sizes from small skinny trees to large shade trees that use Extra High Strength (EHS) cables. 

Storm damage clean up

When a storm comes in with leaves still on the tree breakage is common. We will come get the hazardous hanging branches out of the tree so your property is safe.

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